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Webmasters Graphics Toolkit:



Simply-EZ's Software,

"The Graphics WizR".

The Graphics WizR is a complete toolkit to add a lot of the new trendy Web 2.0 features to your website.  It is being presented here from the new website www.Simply-EZ.com.  We encourage you to go to this site and sign up for announcements of any new software being released.  They have planned the release of 5 necessary marketing softwares to be released.  The site will have a combination of software you can purchase and free distribution software.

I am always asked by readers, "How do you do that to your web pages?"  Well when I was starting out I used software like this free set we are giving away.   I had to pay for different software to do all the things I needed. Now Graphics WizR does them all.  I just had to get this product out to our customers at DomainZstore to check it out.  Believe me if you are just starting out you will be happy to receive all these extra features.  Just another step to becoming a complete Webmaster.

People Want to Know.

How do I make Ebook and Product covers?  People are paying up to $100.00 a book to have these covers made for them.

How do I make those glass like buttons that are on all the Web 2.0 sites?  You don't need Photoshop for this anymore.

I love all those gradients can I get some on my site?  No $500 software needed to upgrade your look.

I am a photograper and need to protect my photos?  Watermarking your art has not been easier.

I like those post it notes on squeeze pages can I put some on my site?  You can now do it with one hand tied behind your back.

How do you get those round corners on your pages?  All the squeeze pages have them?  Never been easier than this with the Graphics WizR.

Look at what the WizR can do for you.  Get your copy now.


Look at just some of the features that come along inside the Graphics WizR:

  • Create Trendy Web Buttons and Badges.
  • Add special effect to buttons and pages.
  • Create Glass like buttons, gradients, tiles.
  • Control every aspect of your buttons.
  • Edit images without Photoshop.
  • Watermark your Images.  Keep them safe.
  • Create Fav icons.
  • Create Ebook covers and boxes.
  • Create Post it notes.
  • Generate round corner boxes for web pages.
  • Create ribbons, lines for margins, and more.
  • Create a Web Template.
  • Create a Wordpress Template.
  • Image splitter for some awsome effects.
  • Bonus graphics.
  • ...and more numerous features.

At the time of this writing the Simply-EZ site is not up so we are going to start offering it as a FREE Bonus package just for signing up for our newsletter.  We hope to create anticipation for the new website and that you will visit it often.

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